Ty has helped me develop more than just my style. She has helped me cultivate my own personal way of expressing myself through fashion! In addition to her newsletters, facebook fashion tips, and IG posts, she has also dressed me for specific events. Ty styled me for a Bruno Mars concert – I still look back on pictures and LOVED my outfit. She’s also styled me for dates (good and bad lol) and sparked some confidence that may have not been there without the security of feeling good about how I looked. I love Ty’s fearlessness when it comes to fashion, it’s what makes her talent so unique! Thank you Ty!



I have benefitted from the style advice of TyStyleMe in the past and have been very pleased! If it’s an upcoming event that I need her to find the perfect piece for or just a snap to ask if these shoes go with this outfit, she is always available and trustworthy! She recently advised me on an outfit for a 50’s housewife themed bridal shower and I was the best dressed there! What else can I say?…She’s got great style! Thanks Ty!!!!!!





 Ill never forget one day before an important meeting, I had a wardrobe malfunction and had barely any time to come up with another outfit to wear. My closet almost brought me to tears! I called Tylar and she skyped with me instantly. I thought ‘oh no! I have no time! This is not going to work! She peered into my closet through Skype where my laptop sat ten feet away on the bed. Instantly she said, “what’s that? Yeah pull that out.” Okay now grab that. Perfect! Let me see it on.” Within two minutes I had an outfit that looked better than the original one I had planned. She even picked out jewelry that went perfectly. I couldn’t believe how fast she was and how amazing that she could see in my closet, pick out a great outfit that I would never have guessed would go so well – in literally a couple minutes and she was across the country. I text her pics all the time while I’m in the dressing room and I feel like I have my own personal shopper with me. Ty, you’re the best! You also share the same excitement when I find something that makes me feel and look great!



 I am a hopeless walking style mishap! I was about to have some photos taken and no clue what I should wear and freaking out about having to fork over a lot of money for a new wardrobe and a few changes! A friend told me about Ty Style Me. Tylar called me and we chatted a little about what I was wanting and needing. She had me go through my closet and my jewelry box. Tylar and I “met” via skype, she looked through everything I had and picked out several outfits with matching jewelry! I was beyond thrilled! I didn’t have to go shopping and spend big bucks on new clothes, and she managed to make cute outfits out of the stuff I already had. Which by the way I had no clue, and wouldn’t have thought to put some of the things together! Tylar made everything so fun and easy and stress free!



 I have known Tylar from TyStyleMe for a long time, but have not had the opportunity to really see what her services are about until the past few years. In that time, she has completely made over my closet, allowing me to see and use what I already have. As always, Tylar put a fresh new look together with existing pieces. She has gone through my work wardrobe and allowed me greater versatility in the workplace.

As for my personal taste – I have always been a “jeans and t-shirt” kind of girl. I was pretty reluctant to see if I could be comfortable in anything else. But because Tylar is so darn good at what she does, she quickly had me loving classic pieces that I would wear again and again. Those have been the biggest impacts to my life as far as fashion goes!
After that first trip shopping together, I realized Tylar has a natural ability to dress people for them – not for her :). I am so thankful to have her at the ready!