With all the trends that come and go, it is crucial to know your shape and what works best on your body in order to dress yourself in the most flattering way possible.

Knowing your shape and what cuts and styles look best on you will help you create a more balanced look.

Creating a more balanced look will allow you to highlight your best features and leave you looking and feeling great!

There are four common shapes: Apple, Banana, Hourglass and Pear. Not all of us are made the same way. Not even when putting our bodies into categories, do all apple shapes look the same or pears ect.

We are all different and that is what is great about this world.

I also know that not all of us love our bodies as we should. It is hard to accept oneself, but teaching yourself how to dress the best way for your body type can change your world, your confidence, and the way others see you as well.

So, put your best foot forward and discover your shape.

Once you have found out your shape and what looks best on YOU, then you can perfect your own unique style, and stand tall and proud knowing you are giving it the best you got!

I want to help give you some basic guidelines on how to determine your shape.