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Shop Ty’s Gozon Boutique Favorites

By November 8, 2017 No Comments

Recently shopping online I discovered Gozon Boutique, based out of LA. I needed a new dress for my trip to New Orleans and I fell absolutely in love with this boutique! Check out a few of my Fall Favorites…



Shop this everyday Baby Doll Top with a round neck, ruffled 3/4 sleeve, pleated detail!



Look and feel fabulous while wearing the Basic V-Neck Tunic Top In olvie grenn. Whether lounging or going out its perfect for Fall. Details; Long sleeves, long length, hidden pockets, side slits and loose fit!



I have a similar top in black and white, I need it in red too! This Brianna Long Plaid Cardigan is the perfect way to add some chic, casual warmth to your outfits!



Get this Army Raglan Top a cute and modern cozy look. Details, long sleeves, a round neck and hem, camo and solid contrast.



I am a huge fan of Chic Cold Shoulder Jumpsuit! Jumpsuits are this season’s must have and this Chic Cold Shoulder Jumpsuit are just the thing to revitalize your wardrobe!!



Here is another Fabulous Jumpsuit When your ambitions are to stay cozy and look chic!



I am all about women knowing who they are, finding their own individual style, and not spending a lot of money doing so.  I believe in creating looks that are timeless yet practical and consistent with your own personality. I live to shop the clearance racks! I truly believe It’s not what you wear but how you wear it. Not one of us were created to look the same, so what looks good on one woman might not look good on another. So when shopping for yourself, it is crucial to know what looks good on you. Knowing what works on your shape can make the difference from an ordinary outfit to ex-ordinary. I think we should go through life giving it all we have and I apply this ideology when dressing myself. I know from my own experience that when having a not so good day I know that if I put on a nice dress or fun sassy top, I can guarantee that what ever sour mood I might have felt before starts to slip away when I slip into the clothes. First impressions are lasting so why not always try to look your best you never know who you might meet! These are all approaches I take when building my wardrobe, or getting dressed on a daily basis. As far as about me as a person to share some insight with you. I clearly LOVE clothes. I but what I love more than the clothes themselves is how I feel when wearing certain outfits. I also LOVE to style for other people. I get such an amazing feeling when I have helped someone select an outfit that they feel good in. Or sometimes what is better than that for me is dressing someone in something they would never choose for their self and they end up loving it. Although I do love clothes I do not believe in spending a lot of money to look and feel good. I get a thrill out shopping clearance. The price tag does not define the worth of an item to me. What makes it worth it for me is how it makes me feel and knowing that I paid half the cost and still look GREAT!

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