Layering….and Loving It!

Layering is something I am sure most of you have heard about whether in passing conversations with your girlfriends or little sisters even. I know at certain stores the sales associates throw that … [Read more...]

Brightly Polished

I created this look strictly, because I love the red pants. I know there are a lot of skinny jeans out right now in bright bold colors. I have been drawn to them while shopping for the holidays.  As I … [Read more...]

If it ain’t Broke don’t Fix it

Many of you have been reading and looking through my photos; which I can not say thank you enough for! I am sure you have all seen my jean jackets in quite a few pictures. I have to say that I told … [Read more...]

Double Take

Same pants; different accessories and tops! I love wearing leggings/black stretch pants.  I think they work great especially for a comfy day.  Helping you to feel comfortable and relaxed, yet … [Read more...]

Morgan-Isn’t She Gorgeous

This is my younger sister Morgan. She is not only my sister, but a mother to her one year old little boy who is just as cute as his mommy.  As you can all see my sister is gorgeous!   I love her sense … [Read more...]

Do it yourself Leg Warmers

Like the scarf idea this also came off of Pinterest.  My girlfriend Crystal  introduced me to the site and ran across theses leg warmers.  She decided to give it a try!  How cute is she? What a great … [Read more...]