Jakes Story

There's not a day where you don't cross my mind. When I see a chubby, green caterpillar or beautiful butterfly.   I see you shinning ✨your love down from heaven through your pennies. I know you … [Read more...]

Agnes & Dora Review

Agnes & Dora Review Contact Brianna McFarland (via email [email protected]) for more information on how you can purchase any of these Agnes & Dora pieces! … [Read more...]

Style Inspiration

I just have to share with you all this sweet message I received!!!  This beautiful young woman Chalandra, recently started to follow Ty Style Me. She shared with me that she read the "Must Haves" … [Read more...]

Brides To Be

Caitlin and Jani, two of my best friends are both getting married in the next month!  They both recently celebrated their Bridal Showers. Each bridal party did such a beautiful job putting … [Read more...]

Work Wear 

Keeping this look simple with earth tones; I added this blouse from Forever21.  It is the perfect mix of femenity and class between the lace and dainty bow! This Michael Kors bag … [Read more...]

Looking For The Perfect Headband While Workingout???

This UnderArmor 🚫"no•slip"🚫 headband is perfect for any and everything active 👟 I wore it durning my boxing class...with gloves on it's impossible to fuss with my hair 👊🏼 🌀It barely moved🌀  I … [Read more...]