What Necklaces To Pair With What Necklines

    Do you ever wonder how and what to pair with certain necklines? If so take a look at the infographic above. It lists every type of neckline there is. We should start here … [Read more...]

Jewelry – Accessorizing Makes a Difference

Jewelry is something I hoard, truthfully I have a slight addiction. You know how it goes, some women buy shoes or purses, I buy jewelry...but I love it! I believe wearing a piece of jewelry with every … [Read more...]


Over the weekend my family and I attended the Taste of Oviedo; its a festival with local vendors selling crafts and other items, along with delicious treats and food. Upon looking around I discovered … [Read more...]

5 Jewelry Must Haves

  5 Jewelry must haves for every girl! #1 Keep it simple with bangles they are my absolute favorite piece of jewelry to wear. I suggest buying them in gold and silver. Combine the two for … [Read more...]

Bangles a Touch of Gold

Ever try an outfit on and it just needs a little extra pizazz? Well, if so I would suggest shopping for bangles! You can make it super simple with three to five, or you can have an arm full! Either … [Read more...]