Love Yourself

“Loving 💜yourself isn’t Vanity it’s Sanity” by Andre Gide

For years I’ve had issues with my gallbladder, barrettes & gastritis 🤢However, I had No 🚫Idea my body was dealing with these issues 😕I knew something wasn’t right, but I ignored it Until my Mom & My hubby (God bless🙏🏻them both) took charge & forced me to the ER🏥 

Fast forward to present day NO🚫Gallbladder 🙌🏼 & vigilantly treating my acid reflux & gastritis I’m starting to feel like a human being again 🙏🏻 Well, I have to be honest…It took me OVER 7 months ⏳ to get my act together 🙈What can I say I’m a Taurus & incredibly stubborn 😏 But I finally made a lifestyle change…it’s not a diet. 

Although I have a lot of diet restrictions being that I have to follow 3 very specific food lists it’s been difficult, but so worth it! 

I decided to post this series of photos after I realized the jeans I bought back in March were just too big & I am in love with these  👖jeans, from Banana Republic. I guess now I just have to love them in a smaller size👌🏼

I’m proud to say for the past 25 days I gave up soda, fastfood, alcohol & meat & almost all proccessed food 🍟 OK, OK I will occasionally eat some pasta & drink som wine 🍷 even though alcohol is the worse thing for all my GI issues; I am only human!

However, I will NOT 🚫ever drink a soda, eat meat or fast food for the rest of my life 🙌🏼☺️because it is literally poison to MY body & I love myself enough to finally take care of myself. 

This post isn’t to preach or sway you one way or another…hopefully I can inspire others who like me that have GI issues to love yourself enough to take care of yourself too ❤️✌🏼💋