To Belt or Not To Belt – Dressing For Your Shape


This Maggy London dress is from Ross; I bought on clearance. I like it for many reasons: the color, the geometric-shape print and the style! The cut of the dress is similar to a caftan; in other words it has no shape. As you can see the dress is fun and vibrant, but it swallows me.


That’s where the belt comes in! The difference is drastic as you can see. The belt defines my waist and accentuates my rear end; which is important to me I want to do anything to enhance my backside!


The ruching (gathering of material) along the neckline and across the breast ads weight and enhances my top half creating balance due to the weight of the dress at the bottom.


I am obsessed with this dress!!!!! It is flattering, fun and perfect for my sister’s wedding in May!


I accessorized this look by adding a pop of turquoise, it isn’t anywhere in the dress, but compliments the pinks purples and black. I kept it sharp and simple with a silver cuff and my watch along with hoop earrings and black wedge sandals. I finished the look with my black H&M oversized tote!

To belt or not to belt that was the question…the dress is fun but clearly needs a belt to help flatter my shape! It is something that can be added to most looks, try belting one of your maxi’s and see the difference you will be surprised!

Want to recreate a similar look to mine? Click the photos or links below for more details on where to purchase!