Dressing to Flatter Your Shape


When shopping trying on is a must; most of you already know that. I found these two dresses completely opposite of one another, but I loved them both just the same. So to the dressing room I went.


I really love the print on this dress, but it engulfs my waist; you see no definition. Being a pear shape I need to accentuate my waist and balance my shape. A pear is little on top and big on the bottom, it is key for me to create a balance.


The short blue dress is super cute too. Once I tried it on I realized the waist although it is defined it hits me in the wrong area. It needs to come up higher. Also the weight of the dress falls at the largest part of my body adding weight that is not there…what woman wants that right?

Moral of the story you can love it on the hanger but you need to love it on your body too! I continued to shop and I found this razor back Maxi Dress.


This dress has an empire waistline that is always flattering to my pear shape. The razor back accentuates my upper half. The different shade of blues and the way the material are sewn together flatters my shape especially my rear end!


I have to show my shoes today, they were a five dollar steal at TJ Maxx I couldn’t pass them up, how cute are they?


Also share my jewelry for inspiration if you are looking to recreate a similar look to mine! I loved wearing this whole ensemble.

It flattered my shape and I felt great in it! I really like the other two dresses, but they were not meant for me. Dress yourself in a flattering way and you will see a difference in how you feel and the way others see you too!