Five Tips to Help you Find Jeans to Flatter Your Shape


Jeans are something we all have in our wardrobe. I know as a stylist and a woman myself that shopping for jeans is a difficult task. Let me help you; here are five helpful tips to use when shopping for jeans to flatter your shape!

Number 1 Know your shape. Here are the four most common shapes: Apple, Banana, Hourglass, and Pear. Click the highlighted links to help you determine what shape you are. Once you know your shape it will be easier to shop for jeans.

Number 2Look for a style and wash that draw attention to the right parts of your body. If you want a slimming effect then you should stay away from jeans that are distressed and go for a pair of dark denim. Dark denim is slimming and the most flattering wash for all shapes.

Number 3 Pay attention to the rise of the jeans. Low rise jeans cut a woman’s body across her hips, causing a “muffin top”, you should shop for a pair of mid rise jeans. When in the store ask an associate to help you find mid or high rise jeans. It is much more flattering for all shapes.

Number 4When trying on jeans take several sizes into the dressing room. This is a long process and takes time. Not every brand has the same size chart; you might be a 7 in one store and a 10 in another, do not be discouraged. Take your time and select a pair that is comfortable and flattering.

Number 5 Have your jeans tailored to fit your shape! Buying a pair of jeans right off the rack and having them fit you perfectly is nearly imnpossible. Finding a tailor to have your jeans hemmed, or taken in or out is important to have the most flattering fit for your shape. You can find a tailor at your local drycleaners or maybe you have a relative in the family who knows how to sew. It is the most helpful tip I can offer, as we are all not made the same!

Now take this information and go out and find that pair of jeans that is just right for you!!!