Denim – Can You Wear the Same Pair of Jeans Too Much

I have worn these jeans with everything possible in my closet! I wear them with boots, sandals, and my puma tennis shoes! I dress the jeans up I dress them down, I feel great in these jeans and want to wear them all of the time! Why not right?


Clients, family, friends men and women alike all feel they wear the same pair of jeans too much. I tell everyone…if the fit is flattering wear them as often as you want. Change up the top, your shoes and accessories and you create a whole new look each time; still with the comfort of a great pair jeans you know you love, that make you feel and look great!


Let’s be honest jeans are hard to find for most of us right? I have maybe 5 pairs of jeans, as you have seen in the last year of this blog I do not wear them often. They are hard to find and fit. Here ere are my top five favorite jeans that I feel flatter most shapes.


Gap, American Eagle, Maurices, Old Navy all have great jeans for all shapes and sizes. I would give them a try and last, but not least the jean I stand behind is Levi! Find a Levi retailer and start trying jeans you are bound to find your true fit! It is a long process, it is hard at times to find the right pair of jeans…when you do find the “right pair” it makes it all worth it! I hope this helps during your quest for good denim that makes you feel great!

As for where my jeans I recently bought these skinny jeans from Ross, a discount store here in Florida.


If you have a store near you give it a try, the price point is why I enjoy shopping there, I love a good deal! They also have great deals on designer handbags, shoes and jewelry. It is a one stop shop for you and your family. My family and I wear a lot of Puma…Ross has the best Puma gear!