Pear – Dressing for Your Shape

Pear Shape: Also a beautiful shape! Women with this  shape will most likely have a slim neck an average bust, small shoulders and back. Along with a defined waist and backside, also thicker thighs. That is why it is important to balance this shape out, and you can do so by redirecting the eye from your lower half to your top half.

Lets start with the upper half of the body. You can get away with wearing blousy or fitted tops. I personally love to wear blousy tops. People say that it hides your shape but I feel that if my arms and legs are being highlighted it makes me look petite and balanced. Anything that is embellished with ruffles or fun patterns looks good on this shape. This draws the eye from your bottom to your top.

A halter top works great on this shape. It makes the shoulders appear wider which in turn balances out your lower half. I wore a gorgeous halter dress for my wedding.  

Also a padded bra is great for a pear shape this too balances the body. Trust me when I say this girls, I have always worn one. It gives the appearance of just a little more than I was blessed with.  

A wide leg jean will balance out the pear shape and make your legs look slimmer.  As for pants I find that a wide legged or flare look best.  You will want a mid rise jean  rather than a low rise which doesn’t flatter your waist. Dark wash is best, it also slims the body.