Banana – Dressing for Your Shape

Banana Shape: The long, lean and very well balanced Banana shape.  Women with this shape will have an average bust, undefined waist, full neck, fantastic arms and legs, this is a very balanced body type. There is little difference between the measurements of your waist, bust and hips. Also this shape tends to have little to no curves. This shape is  lean and athletic looking.

When dressing your banana shape you will want to draw attention to your thighs and legs! Although you are very well balanced you will want to give the illusions of curves.  There are a lot of styles and cuts that the banana shape can wear, but you will want to go for what looks best on you.

I think bias cuts (this is a garment of clothing that is cut to follow the curves of the body) and spaghetti strap tops are a good look for Banana shapes. This shirt will draw the eye to the breast making them appear larger. Also V-Necks work great for achieving this goal. You can also appear curvier by wearing a padded bra. Tops that are fitted at the waist give the appearance of curves.  Jackets that flare from the waist create a curvier hip as well!  

You can also wear short skirts to show off those fantastic legs! You can even do skirts with really fun prints, anything to draw attention to your thighs and legs.

You will want to shop for jeans that hug your bottom. Wide set pockets tend to make your backside appear fuller, also flap pockets will have the same effect.  Jeans with a low rise and a slight flare are also flattering for this shape.