Apple – Dressing for Your Shape

Apple Shape: The beautiful apple shape, most commonly women with this shape have a fuller neck and face, broader shoulders, larger breasts and an undefined waist, with nice shapely legs. I find it is best to have the eye drawn to your much envied breasts and gorgeous legs.  Focusing on your best assets and highlighting your positives will make you feel better, and make you more confident!

As for shirts, tight tops look great, but nothing too tight. V-Necks look great on apple shapes, the neckline draws the eye to your breast and away from your shoulders.

Also another great tip when dressing the apple shape, you will want a great fitting bra. A good bra changes the shape of the breast and the upper back area.

Solid color tops look best on an apple shape. Shirts with patterns or prints tend to get distorted in the breast area, it tends to make you appear larger on top.  

As for pants for the apple shape you will want to go with a boot cut or flared leg. This will give the appearance of a longer leaner leg.. Also apple shapes tend to have flatter rear ends, compared to other shapes. So to help add more to your backside I suggest jeans with embellished pockets or flap pockets.  It’s okay to add weight here!