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Thrifted Paisley Print Maxi Dress

Thrift shopping is honestly my favorite kind of shopping. I have bought and worn used clothes my entire life.

To me it is no different than a hand me down from a sister, or a friend. Most of my wardrobe is from thrift shops and second hand stores.

I bought this dress at my local Plato’s Closet, for $12.00

What I love about this dress is not only the price, but it is a great cut maxi dress. I find with some maxi dresses the length and, or the cut make it hard to walk.

This maxi dress has slits up both sides allowing me more range in movement. I also love that the dress has a zipper up the back. It gives the dress more structure and keeps it from slipping.

Oh, I also love paisley printed anything!

To accessorize this look I went with a bohemian flow. I added a gold braided headband, gem stone stud earrings from Banana Republic and an over sized, plum colored bangle.

My bag is a leather cross body bag, a gift from my Aunt, I obsessed with it!

To finish off my look I went with a pair of sandals from Payless – American Eagle brand, my mom picked them up for me last summer an entire year later they are still in good shape, I love them.

When wearing long dresses or long skirts wear a shoe like this one that has a back strap. The strap will keep dress from getting caught under your heel, and it creates a nice, stream lined look.

Be sure to check out your local thrift/second hand stores, you might be surprised with what you find!

Tips On How To Use Your Accessories To Create Several Looks With One Outfit

Simple, easy tips on how to use your accessories to help you optimize your wardrobe!

Take a classic look, something simple and basic. Like what I am wearing today. Dark denim is a must have in your wardrobe, not only is dark denim flattering, it is also timeless.

I recommend a good blouse too, like the one that I am wearing from, Banana Republic. This blouse is a great blank canvas and will go with just about anything!

I chose timeless pieces to be the base of my look, but I added trendy accessories.

I chose a trendy metallic tote, a floral print infinity scarf and statement necklace with gem stone earrings to accessorize and create three different looks.

This gorgeous necklace and earrings are both from Banana Republic. The jewelry makes a subtle yet powerful statement.

Adding an infinity scarf is trendy, but not too over the top. It can be worn a couple ways and is easy to style.

Also, adding a trendy bag like this over sized metallic tote will easily change up your look!

Bohemian Style – Lace Top With Wide Leg Patterned Pants

I am crazy about wide leg pants, patterns and lace, which pretty much sums up Bohemian Style!

Today my look is from one of my favorite boutiques, here in Florida, Stalhi.

When wearing bold, or bright patterns it is best to keep your accessories simple. Especially when wearing such a busy pattern like the pants I have on.

So, to accessorize my look I went with simple pair of gem stone stud earrings from Banana Republic. The blue hues that are in my pants are offset nicely by the emerald color stone in my earrings.

The earrings are set in gold, which is why I added my gold pendant necklace. It is simple and pulls the look together.

To finish it off I added a wrap around beaded bracelet, made by one of my best friends and a pair of grey suede wedges and a grey suede clutch from Other People’s Property!

What I really love most about my overall look is the shirt. I love lace, which is another component to bohemian style.

The sleeves are fun, flirty and I love them!!!

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